Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Part 3 - getting to know me

I met Jeff in 1998. I was working at a small hospital and he was the guy that was suppose to train me. First impression... I hated him!!! I would go out with my friends and tell them about this "jerk" that I had to work with. It is really hard to explain this but one day we had to work a Saturday together and I was studying for my CT boards and I found myself just looking at him all the time! Later that day we had to go get something from a storage room and it was really dark and spooky in this room and he grabbed my lower leg to scare me and fireworks went off inside me. Crazy, I know. The big problem my family and friends had with Jeff was that he had a family. He was separated from his wife but not yet divorced. He had 2 much older daughters that were out of college and not at home and then one adopted daughter who was starting high school. Jeff was 12 years older than me but the idea of me with a guy who had "baggage" did not set well with mom and dad. Jeff and I married November 15, 2002.
About a year before I met Jeff I had been having some serious medical problems. I am not going to go into any details but I will say that it was a very long and painful road for me that did not end until about 2 years ago. Because of my medical problems (7 major surgeries) and medications, my life was pretty cloudy and uncertain. Things were done and said on my part that I wish I could take back. Mistakes were made and I have learned a very hard lesson! My parents now love Jeff and they know he takes good care of their daughter.
Now onto much bigger and better things... Moving to the farm and starting a family =)

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