Sunday, September 25, 2011

The C Word

Well in case anyone has wondered where I have been here is the past few weeks in a nutshell.

Back in mid-August Jeff was having some neck pain. He thought he was having pain from bulging disks so he was going to have an MRI done. He works in Medical Imaging so one night he asked the Ultrasound tech if she could scan over his neck to check his carotid arteries for plaque. (They were basically having a slow night and it was something to do to make the time pass quicker). She told him his arteries looked fine but there was something there that should not have been there, an oblong shaped Mass. God Bless her for doing this!

To make a long story short, he had his MRI and then they did a CT Scan. There was something there and they decided they had to do a biopsy to make sure it wasn't cancerous. We were told that more than likely it was just a benign cyst and we assumed that too because he wasn't having any symptoms.

While this was going on we were getting ready to go on our much planned and highly needed Vacation trip to Disney and Destin. I am sure you Disney Moms know all the planning that goes into getting ready and making all the reservations so you have that "Magical" Experience. Anyway, we were not even considering the possibility that the biopsy would be bad news. We were less than a week until our trip, the biopsy was over - no results for about 3-4 days. I had finished all of the packing and we were ready!

We finally got the results. Atypical cells were found. According to the Mayo Clinic,

Atypical cells are cells that appear abnormal under a microscope, but they aren't necessarily cancerous. The presence of atypical cells is sometimes referred to as "dysplasia." Many factors can make normal cells appear atypical, including inflammation and infection. Even normal aging can make cells appear abnormal.

Now, this was Not the results we were anticipating! What they wanted to do was surgically remove the mass and then do a more involved biopsy. Now at first I was really worried and upset but then I got to thinking about things and I really felt that and believed that this was still "Nothing" Jeff was thinking the same thing. We decided to post-pone our trip for about 1 month and get this all taken care of. Jeff had his surgery and at his follow -up appointment the next week we got the news. The dreaded C word! When the Doctor told us it was as if an elephant had stepped on my chest. I am not a crier, I will usually only cry when I am alone. The doctor had to get the tissue box for me.

Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Now if you had to get Cancer I guess you could say that this is the one you would want. (I know, that is like saying I would rather be hit by Mike Tyson over Muhammad Ali) We caught this at a very early stage, Jeff started Chemo last week. He has to go through 8 Chemo treatments followed by radiation. I always knew he was a tough guy but I had no idea just how strong and tough he was until now. He is handling himself so well and I am so proud of him. He always knows what to say to make me feel better, He worries more about me and the kids than himself. I hate seeing my 'Rock" sick!

I sat next to Jeff while he was getting his first Chemo treatment. I was trying to read a book, but I spent most of my time looking around the room. Looking at the other patients, at their family members and how they were comforting their loved one, but mostly I was keeping my eye on Jeff. He did not look at all nervous or scared like some of the other patients in the room. I kept asking him if he was ok, (he hates that) I really did not notice any change in him until the nurse came with a large syringe of "Red Stuff" Adriamycin AKA Red Devil. I was watching him during the injection and I noticed his eyes change, I knew he was feeling something - and then came more tears from me, the girl that does not cry. I hate that he is having to go through this! He has had such a rough year, I guess you don't question why things happen ~ I believe things happen for a reason.

Things are pretty hard right now. The girls know something is going on, their Disney trip was postponed twice ( they handled that great ) , but they know Daddy is not feeling good - Yesterday was Caroline's 4th Birthday and when she made a wish before blowing out her candles she wished that everybody was not sick anymore. Again, me the non-crier has to blame her allergies on my watery eyes.

We are hoping and praying this is all over with by Christmas. We have already rescheduled our trip to celebrate Jeff being a Cancer Survivor! Prayers are Welcome!

Sunday Stealing 9/25/11

Sunday Stealing: That Meme That's Going Around

A. Age: 43

B. Bed size: King

C. Chore that you hate: Washing dishes

D. Dogs: Panzer, our 7 month old German Shepherd

E. Essential start to your day: Coffee

F. Favorite color: Green

G. Gold or Silver: White gold or Platinum :)

H. Height: 5'10"

I. Instruments you play: I am musically challenged - none :(

J. Job title: Momma, and CT/ Radiology Tech

K. Kids: 2

L. Live: Indiana

M. Mother's name: Colleen

N. Nicknames: T

O. Overnight hospital stays: Too many to count, at least 50

P. Pet peeve: Laziness

Q. Quote from a movie: From the movie Tombstone

Josephine: I'm a woman, I like men. If that means I'm not "lady-like", then I guess I'm just not a lady! At least I'm honest.

Wyatt Earp: You're different. No arguin' that. But you're a lady alright. I'd take my oath on it.

R. Right or left handed: Right

S. Siblings: none

T. Time you wake up: Between 5:30 and 6:15 am

U. Underwear: Always, lady Jockey for me

V. Vegetable you hate: lima beans

W. What makes you run late: The Kids

X. X-Rays you've had: Too many!

Y. Yummy food that you make: Most people like my Mac and Cheese and Chocolate chip Cookies

Z. Zoo animal: Tiger