Monday, March 15, 2010

She said What ???

If you look at this picture you will know why
I have not been able to add a new blog for a few days. My oldest has taken over my laptop and wants to spend her days on

Also, if you look at this picture it really does tell you a lot about my girls. Lets just say that there are days when I feel sorry for the big sister!

We really did not have a lot going on this past weekend. Well, we did until both girls started coughing and not feeling too good. I have had it with this cold/flu season!!!! I use to pat myself on the back because my girls never got sick and now after this winter of nothing but colds and flu when their little noses start dripping I just feel like a bad mom!

Another Bad Mom moment happened yesterday. My mom and dad are known as Grandma and Papaw to the girls and then Jeff's mom is known as Granny. Well we decided to go and visit Granny and spend a little time with her. I was playing with the girls right in front of Granny and Jeff was about 20 ft. away. Out of the blue Abigail says to Granny - "Granny, Grandma loves me more than you do" Oh my Lord !!! ... there was silence for way too long... I just froze and couldn't say anything. My mouth was open, I just didn't know what to say. Now I am not one of those moms who believes in "time-out", personally I think its a load of crap! I believe every once in awhile a kid needs a good butt spanking to get the message. This wasn't a butt spanking moment.... I felt as though it was a bad mommy moment! I was just so happy that Jeff was there to smooth things over. I still don't know why she said it... she couldn't give me an answer but I do know that after lecturing her for over an hour it will not happen again.
Now I have invited Granny down to the farm for Easter weekend ~ Abigail had better get all of her crayons out and start coloring Granny some really pretty pictures!!!


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