Thursday, March 4, 2010

Who Needs Sleep

Jeff and I both work night shift which thus far has worked out really well for us. We only have to leave the girls one night a week with the parents of a friend I work with and that has worked out great, they treat the girls like their own grand kids and my girls love them. I have been working night shift for 14 years now and I honestly love it. Before the girls came along I guess you could say Jeff and I were living like "Rock Stars" We both worked nights - 3-12s for me and Jeff did 4 in a row and got 12 hrs O.T every week. We would get home in the morning and crawl in bed with our breakfast and watch all of our tivo shows and then SLEEP When our work week was over you just never knew what we were going to do... We might load the camper and head to Richmond for a Nascar Race or make a quick trip to Nashville to party at Tootsies and listen to music or one time Jeff just surprised me and we were headed to Turks and Caicos - Great Times! Man have the times changed!!! Sleep??? Not good sleep! Spur of the moment trips without planning.. hmm, not yet. Jeff and I talk about it and just laugh about how much things have changed but we would not change anything! We try to make it a point to plan a "date night" once every 3 months but other than that we like to have the girls with us all the time and we want them to experience life with us.
I use to wonder about if I should or should not work. I want the very best for my family and for that to happen I need to work. I need some time away from the house and away from mommy duty. Right now working nights works... I don't require much sleep, I come home and sleep for 3-3 1/2 hours and I am able to function. Now as the older I get I really do believe it is getting harder. But somehow we make it work.

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