Tuesday, March 30, 2010

4 Little Words

Right now I am thinking to myself that I should be in a really bad mood! Why? The past 2 days I have been trying to pamper Abigail but I have also been doing a lot of yard work. We are getting the girls a really nice outdoor play set and in order for us to put it where we wanted Jeff sold our Gazebo. My mom always says that Jeff can sell snow to the eskimos and this is very true.

So... I ended up moving a ton of landscaping blocks and then I dug up all of the annuals that were surrounding the gazebo and replanted them. I also picked up the branches in the yard and basically just worked my butt off and then I came to work. I worked a 14 hour shift then when I got home I could only sleep about 2 hours because I had a terrible headache that would not go away. I got up and did some more work and I was moving slow..... my back was aching and my hamstrings were killing me! Then it was back to work for 12 more hours.

Work has been really busy! Non-stop and nothing was easy. I take x-rays and do CT scans, mostly on ER patients... tonight, I tried to heat up my lean cuisine dinner 3x until it was totally non edible. I am back to watching what I eat so that lean cuisine was going to be the highlight of my night. I wish I could tell you more about my job and some of the crazy things that happen but in health care there is something called HIPAA and that basically means keep your mouth shut or you will be fired. Anyway, my last 2 days have not been good yet I am smiling and I even seem to have an extra bounce in my step.

I think the answer is the weather. It is funny how a nice sunny day can make things better. I am also relieved that Abby is doing well after surgery and then, maybe it has something to do with the phone call I received last night at work.... Jeff had called and gave the phone to Caroline and she said for the first time... "I Love You Mommy" Seriously, what is better than that!

I could not wait for this cute little face to say those precious 4 words.


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