Friday, March 5, 2010

A Hitchcock Ending???

Today was a pretty good day, mostly! I will get to the "mostly" in a minute. Jeff came home from work and we almost got to watch all of last nights American Idol before the little ones woke up. Ate a small snack in bed with the girls and then we got dressed to go to my mom and dads where we left to head to Bloomington. Along the way we stopped into a place where we placed the order for the girls outdoor play set. So much for our usual big summer vacation! Anyway, we ate a late breakfast at Cracker Barrel ( is there really anything any better than their blueberry pancakes?) After that we hit Kohls (don't know why Jeff hates this store so much??) and Sams Club. Went back to Grandma and Papaws and let the girls tear up their house for a few hours... I swear, by the time I could put my purse down and fix a sippy cup about 200 pieces to a doll house and a ton of cookie crumbs were all over the floor , how can they do that so quickly??
After a really nice visit at mom and dads we get home... Jeff is at work and the sun has almost set. I really needed to go out to the barn to check on the Donkeys. I open the door and walk in and I Scream!!! There must have been about 30 black birds (at first I thought they were bats) flying all over the place and right above my head! Yes I got pooped on and no I did nothing for the donkeys... they will wait to sunrise! I get inside and take a quick shower and get the girls their dinner. One of the reasons for Sams Club was we needed batteries for all of Abby's toys. I think I spent almost $50 on batteries today, that is Nuts!!! Well it is bedtime for Caroline and usually when you lay her down to bed the stress of the day is gone... I get her in her crib, tuck her in, turn the radio and night light on and try to walk out of her room.... She starts bawling!!!! She has been attached to her blanket since birth, the only time she doesn't sleep with it is at the sitters because I am afraid she might lose it. Abby and I search the house, we looked everywhere!!!! I hear Abby ask Caroline where did you lose your blanket? Caroline said trash. I had to go outside and dig through the trash to find nothing.... The blanket finally showed up wedged behind the bed. Great day sorta ended on a crazy note... the barn ordeal really freaked me out because I do have a fear of bats and that is what I thought I was dealing with. Got a headache now so I am off to bed early tonight.

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