Monday, March 29, 2010

Abigail's Surgery

St. Vincents of Carmel

What a long and exhausting 4 days our family has had! Last Thursday morning when I left work I went home and Jeff and I slept for maybe 2 hours and then got up and headed for Carmel for Abigail's eye surgery. She was having an outpatient procedure but because we lived over 2 hours away the Doctors wanted us to stay close to the Hospital, just in case. We left the little one with my mom and dad so we could focus on only Abby. We stayed in a really nice hotel just about 2 miles from the Hospital and we let Abby do her favorite thing .... Swim!! Then we met up with some family for dinner and called it a night.

I kept telling Abby to eat good because she could not have anything after midnight. Abby just isn't a big eater , but as soon as she got out of bed in the morning she was so.. pitiful ... "I am so thirsty Mommy, Daddy I am so hungry!"

I would have to say in my opinion Abby is a pretty brave girl! Of course she had no idea what to expect, but there were other kids there that were crying and carrying on and Abby was just cool.

Do things ever go just as expected??? Rarely. We thought they were just going to operate on 1 eye, No... it was both! We didn't know she was getting general anesthesia and an IV. We had complete confidence in the Doctors and they put our minds at ease... somewhat .. But for me it was just a BIG WHAT IF? Her surgery lasted 90 minutes and I could not sit still! I was walking laps around the place. Just when I was about ready to have someone check on her the Doctor came out and said she did really good. What a Relief! She was in recovery and the Doctor said it would be just a few more minutes and we could see her. That few minutes turned into 1 hour and that is when I went looking for her. I guess they had gave her several meds during surgery but right after surgery they gave her morphine and she just wanted to sleep! ?They let me go back to recovery and I was able to be there when she did wake up. I was actually proud of myself... The first time she opened her eyes she had some blood that dripped down from them and I wanted to cry but I stayed strong.

Overall Abigail is doing really good. We have a follow up appointment Wednesday so we will know more then.

All of the nurses and
Doctors said Abby was very brave and that she
was a very sweet girl!

Thank You for all of your thoughts and Prayers!
Abby on her way home!

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