Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Do things really change that much when you get married and have kids? For me the answer is YES! I honestly did not think I would change much about myself after having kids. Take for example Matthew Maconahay... he seems like such a cool parent. Whatever he does his son is right there doing the same thing- surfing, concerts, playing bongos.. Then I look around and I see these mothers who are really put together well. They are dressed really nice, their teeth have been whitened, their hair have highlights and they still shop at Abercrombie. How is this even possible???

Now the first 5 years Jeff and I were together I really did try and keep it together. I shopped at Victoria Secret, had manicures and pedicures regularly, exercised and I actually spent money on clothes. Today I just feel guilty if I spend extra money on stuff like that. I feel like I am taking away from the girls or taking away from a nice vacation. When we leave the house as a family the girls are always dressed nice and looking good, Jeff always has it going on and is styling and then there is ME ... I could be a Walmart model except for the shoes. (I never buy cheap shoes) I guess I could really use a wardrobe makeover!! I actually have clothes from high school and college that I am still wearing!

What else has changed??? Sleep (lack of it)
Shopping til I drop
White Castle at 3 am
Nascar Races (maybe 2 a year)
Relaxed Vacations
Longaberger Baskets
A Clean House
Day Hikes
Long Quiet Baths
The list just barely touches the surface of how many things have really changed. I can also say that some changes have been welcomed and that I wouldn't change anything for the life I have right now.

Now, if you ask Jeff - "have you changed?" He would say NO! I disagree. The girls can change Jeff the Grizzly bear into Pooh bear and I love to watch that! =)

Pajamas before the kids.... and after kids....

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