Saturday, September 18, 2010

Corn Dogs, Cotton Candy and Crap

This weekend in Salem is our towns Big annual Old Settlers Days. Every year we seem to miss it because of vacation or work and this year is no exception... I have to Work.

Friday night they have what is called -Friday Night on the Square, Jeff had to work but I decided to take the girls myself.

What was I thinking???

First of all I was tired! I had just worked 10 hours and I had to get up very early the next morning to work a 12 hour shift. But, I wanted the girls to have a good time on a Friday night... plus I heard that the Lion's Club fish sandwich was pretty good ;)

While we were there I ran into several friends that I had not seen in awhile which was great talking to all of them ! The girls wanted their faces painted so thats how we started out. After that we just started to walk and then some lady came up to us and asked the girls if they wanted to go on a scavenger hunt and if they did they would win a prize (CRAP!) We did lap after lap around the town square searching for the things they needed ... My purse had all kinds of "crap" hanging out of it that the girls had collected along the way and when we had finished each girl got a 50 cent water bottle. I swear I would have paid $50 to have just bypassed all of the "hunt" But, the girls had fun and that is what is important, right??? Now momma wanted a fish sandwich. Both girls were hungry and the Fish line was way too long so we ended up standing in line for 30 minutes for corn dogs and cotton candy.

At this point I could not have been more miserable... I was pushing one of those cheap baby strollers where one wheel would not roll right, my purse was packed to the limit and I was trying to push the stroller with one arm and carry a drink, corn dog, and cotton candy in the other and then the girls balloons were hitting me in the face so I couldn't see and then all of a sudden I roll-over a corn dog with only 1 bite missing. Then I hear Caroline start crying... You guessed it! I gave her the rest of mine and some cotton candy and she was Happy again. Momma, on the other hand was not too happy... I was sticky, tired, and still had to try to make it 4 blocks to the car and then get them home and get the paint off their faces. UGH! They both loved all of their "crap" so I guess thats a good thing.

2 very happy - face-painted-sticky girls!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Men are from Mars!

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Until I got married I never gave this notion a thought. I waited until I was 34 to get married and lived "Happily" alone with my beloved Siamese cat for 12 years after graduating from college. I say "Happily" because for the most part I was happy - I loved being able to come and go as I please, the TV was all mine, the bed was all mine, and most importantly... the house was just the way I like it, - CLEAN! However, I did know that I did not want to end up the old maid cat lady! I wanted a life partner and someone to raise a family and grow old with. I really had no idea how different men and women really were. I always considered myself a "tomboy" ~ I loved sports and always had a good time with the guys so I figured an easy transition, WRONG!

The other day I had just finished cleaning the house. I took a shower, I was in a great mood (the house clean mood) and went to the kitchen and I swear I wanted to throw the toaster at Jeff! He had fixed himself a PBJ sandwich and the entire counter top was a mess... jelly smeared, toasted bread crumbs all over, and the peanut butter and jelly were left out along with the knife he used. Now not in a million years would I ever do that. The problem is he just does not get it, he has no clue why I would be upset over that...

Another difference...
Jeff will spend big bucks on some big boy toy he wants but refuses to pay someone to service the furnace or change the oil in his car. He will risk his life every year climbing around on the roof or sweeping the chimney to save a buck, He is a great cook but does the kitchen always have to look like a war zone when we are eating his dinner? And... there are good movies out there that do not involve war, fighting, guns, and topless women, right? Is a hunting rifle more valuable than a longaberger basket or shoes? I am a member of the NRA and I go to gun shows, auctions, history museums... One day Jeff will take me to the Longaberger factory and the Covered Bridge Festival! I will keep telling myself this....

Don't get me wrong... I am very happy that Jeff is a mans man. He is rough and tough and I love him that way... but he is from Mars!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rock Stars!

I guess a better title for this would be Tammy's random thoughts on the month of August. I mean seriously where did the month go??? I am no longer working full-time - but for some reason this month I put in full-time hours. It has just been a really chaotic month for me! I guess I did not expect all of the added "mommy" duties that would come my way once Abby started school. There is just not enough time in the day!

The best thing about the month of August is that Jeff no longer has to go online at and put in our order!!! Caroline is officially potty trained :) I wish I would have taken a picture of the closet, but you know when you are pregnant and you are in that "nesting" mode of cleaning ... well Jeff did his "nesting" by stocking up the walk-in closet with Diapers and formula. Diapers ranging from Newborn- 4T stacked to the ceiling along with the formula. What was so funny is that when he needed to re-order he would use a different mailing address to get the 15% off for first time orders ~ I think every family member and neighbor received a box of diapers at some point during our 6 year diaper run :)

This month I was also able to get together with my best friend of 24 years. Sadly, we don't get together as much as we use to because of our busy family life now, but when we do find the time it is always filled with laughs and we do get CRAZY ! We decided to bring the men along and stay in Indy for the weekend. My friends name is also Tammy. We met as freshmen at IU and just had some of the best times together. She is my one friend that no matter how long we go without seeing each other we can get together and it seems as though we were still roomates back in college together and nothing has changed.

My best friend Tammy and Me

Our evening started out with the good stuff.. St. Elmos Shrimp Cocktail and then our Favorite - Pizza and Beer

Our plans were the first night to just go out to dinner and then go bar hopping. Let me tell you - My mind was all geared up to drink like a college kid. Jeff and I were both way over due for a night out and I had a "game plan" and it was to pace myself but -DRINK. I added the pace in there because with having the kids I really don't drink very much at all anymore and I didn't want to be the first one out . To tell you the truth the first 2 beers were good, after that I just wanted a coke. We all ended up back at our hotel and were just going to go in a freshen up (it was only 9:30pm) To myself I was thinking - "man that bed looks good with that big tv" but I was also thinking "geez girl, they are going to think you are so lame - get yourself together and lets go party"

so this is what I find when we go to get them to go "party"

Its nice to know that you are not the only one who can't party like a "rock star" anymore :)

*** Kudos to both of them -because when I said " You guys ready to party?" They both popped up and were ready :)

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