Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tired Beyond Belief

It is Sunday night and my (plan) when I got off work Thursday morning was to take it easy. I went to the doctor about my cough and they think it is allergies- well the entire family has it and right now ~ Abigail has it really bad and that is not good!!! She is scheduled for her eye surgery this Friday! When Abby was about 10 months old her eye started crossing over so we found a really good doctor up in Indy and it turns out she is far sighted. For her 1st birthday she had new glasses. They plan on cutting the muscle and shortening it and then re-attach and this should correct the crossing over. However, she will still need the glasses. I really don't want to think about her having surgery.....

I will blame Facebook for my exhaustion ! I had a rare weekend when there was not a lot going on and I had several friends that posted that they had started Spring Cleaning. So I thought I might as well get it done... Jeff thinks when it comes to cleaning I am a total freak... He is right!!! When it comes to cleaning and having things neat and tidy I know I must have major OCD. For example, if I know there is a dirty dish in the sink I can't sit still and do something else until that dish is clean. I have tried and tried to break this habit but I can't seem to do it. Anyway, For almost 3 days I cleaned every wall, cabinet, closet, appliance, chair, couch... did laundry out the wazoo and even steam cleaned the carpet. It is crazy what you will find when you move furniture out of the way! I bet I vacuumed up almost a full box of Cheerios! The worst find was a neon orange colored stain under the couch ??? and then a sippy cup that had been lost since before Christmas. My advice... never open, just throw it away!!!

( I was so tired I could not finish this until today, which is now Monday) Been worried about Abigail. She has this big surgery this week and she has not been feeling well. The past 2 mornings she has had her eyes matted shut with yellow drainage and we get a towel wet and wipe the goo away for her. This is what Abigail told me this morning. " Mommy, I woke up and could not see because my eyes were glued shut" "I did not want to bug you or daddy so I used my senses to find the box of wipes to clear my eyes" I almost cried and Jeff just got up and called the Doctor and off we went to Bloomington. Turns out she has a sinus infection and he said she should still be good for her surgery. My Mom and Dad have come down for the week to help out with the girls. For me this is great! I love having them here and I love watching them with the girls. For Jeff... well, he has no problem at all with my Dad - nobody ever has a problem with dad, everyone loves him. But my Mom... hmm... Jeff says she is not normal and that she talks too much. I would have to agree with Jeff. She is not normal - I know that my OCD comes from her and definitely not my dad! She always has an opinion and is never afraid to speak it and I am just use to that. I guess my only problem is that when they leave Caroline will be really fussy!!! She is glued to my Moms hip the entire time and when they leave Jeff and I will pay dearly for that for the first few days.

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