Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Busy? Not Really

Well this week seems to be flying by and I really don't know why. Have I been really busy? I asked myself that question and the answer is .... not really. After having a great weekend I started back to work Monday night. A typical Monday for me is laundry and a little cleaning. I try to sleep in until around 8:30 or 9am because I won't be able to sleep for about 24 hours. Jeff is already up and usually feeds the girls and the animals and I will grab a very large cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal and try to wake up. I give the girls their momma lovin' and then I wash and iron clothes. Iron??? YES... it was something I use to always give my mom grief about because she would iron everything... now I am the same. Laundry did not get done yesterday. I am a planner! Jeff ... well he flies by the seat of his pants... he runs on Jeff time, which makes things fun ~ even if it does mess up my planned schedule. It was a beautiful day outside so we ended up going for a drive in the country and then we went to eat at a place called 5 Guys. I would have to say- it is my favorite place to get a burger. They are Killer!!!!

We have had a lot of snow days in school this year. My oldest is in her second year of pre-school and she usually has school twice a week. For the last 2 weeks it has been 4x a week, which really messes with my sleep!! Jeff will take her or pick her up whenever I need him to - but I always make sure she is dressed and her hair is done, etc. I worked a 14 hour shift last night and when I got home I just had about 15 minutes to get Abby ready and while Jeff was taking her to school Caroline had me running in circles... "Momma, Momma, Momma... my milk, kiss my boo boo, my blanket, where is Abby?, Daddy gone??, my milk.... I know Jeff was only gone for a few minutes but I have never been happier to see him return so I could go to bed!

Hopefully tomorrow I will be more productive at home! The girls want to try on their new Easter dresses and lets hope the rain will end by Saturday... they want to have breakfast with the Easter Bunny and hunt for eggs at a local school. I am so ready for Spring and Summer !!!

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