Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sunshine and Syrup

What a difference the sunshine can make! We had a big family day today and took the girls to a local syrup festival. The weather was just perfect to be outside and enjoy all the activities. We had a pancake and waffle breakfast and then took the girls on a hike and then we all learned how pioneers and then Indians made syrup. Daddy showed Abby how to use a cross-cut saw and to throw an axe =/ and then I helped her make a candle. Caroline just ate popcorn and tried to get into trouble =)
I let the girls play hard today and get dirty... which sometimes is hard for me to do. By the time we left they were covered in mud but they had big smiles on their face! Note to self.... don't sweat the small stuff, let them get dirty!!!
It is 9pm and Jeff has been up for over 32 hours but he still wants us to have "Our" time. So we are going to crawl in bed and watch a movie. What a great ending to a great day! Hope the weather is nice tomorrow!!!! Maybe we will start the day off with some pancakes so we can use some of the new syrup we got today = )

In the picture above Abby is holding the piece of wood she and her daddy cut and then they branded a maple leaf on it for her.

Caroline really liked her breakfast!!

Someday I will try and learn how to customize this blog... I don't know how to move my pictures around or put cute little additions to it... I am not too good with a computer!!!

Everyone have a great weekend! Tammy

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