Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hit by a Mack-Truck ? !

A few days ago we returned from a camping trip to Holiday World. This summer instead of going on 1 big trip we have been taking several 3-4 day trips. One thing I have learned from this is that it does not matter if you camp for 1 night or 10 nights you will have a mess to clean up when you get home! The camper will be trashed and you will have a pile of laundry that will scare you to death!

Holiday World is always a great trip. I highly recommend this park to anyone - Very Clean!! Great water park!! Free drinks!! and overall just a really good place to take the family. The Lake Rudolph Campground is also nice for camping and you can also rent a camper or a cabin, if you have not been you should check it out!

This year was exciting for us because our 5 year old was able to ride all of the rides for the first time :) I wasn't exactly sure what to expect because I had no idea if she would like roller coasters or not ... she loved them!!!!

Now as most of you know things are not always "perfect"
Our "perfect" day in the park almost ended in the water park. There are 2 areas in the water park that are like a big play ground (where the big buckets dump water on your head) ... Anyway, Abby was going down the water-slides and she wanted me to come down with her. So Abby went down first and I waited and then I went down. I was zooming down the slide FAST and Abby did not get out of the way and I could not see anything but I slammed into Abby full-force! It took me a few seconds to even find her but my heart had sunk, I knew I hit her hard and I was scared to death. When I saw Abby she was crying a little bit but she seemed to be ok. We were walking away and that is when I saw her leg... OMG it looked terrible!!! She had a large area on her leg where the skin was torn off from the concrete because she was plowed over by her Mack-Truck Momma. I don't think I have ever felt so bad or have ever felt like such a bad mom! My pay backs came quickly because when we were standing in the lines for the rides people would ask Abby what happened to her leg and she replied, " My mommy slammed into me on the water-slide" :(


Friday, July 23, 2010

Greasy Gravy Road ????

Most (some) of the time I am happy living in southern Indiana... However, not a day goes by that I don't think about living out west in Montana or Colorado. I love the mountains and wildlife and just about everything that has to do with the west. All I would have to do is say to Jeff - lets move! and we would be gone, he also shares this dream. The only reason we have not moved is because of my parents. The are both in their 70's and do not want to move again and I could not move away from them.

Don't get me wrong... I love Indiana! I also like the small town that I live in. I just don't like the weather (HOT and HUMID) and also it just doesn't seem to be a 'healthy" place to live. One of my favorite things to do is hike and there are no
14'ers to climb in Indiana or Grizzly bears, Moose, and Mountain goats ... which I all love.

What got me started on this topic was the fact that I was driving around yesterday and went down a road that I had never been on before. The name of the road was Gobbler Knob! I just started laughing because that was just one of many street names that scream "Hillbilly" There is Gnaw Bone, Indiana and then in my County there is Dog Trot Rd., Goat Hollow Rd., Opossum Creek Rd., and my favorite... Greasy Gravy Rd :) If I could think I am sure I would come up with many more. I grew up in Speedway, Indiana and our streets were 15th, 16th, ... Georgetown Rd., Crawfordsville Rd., ... so for me this is quite humorous and always gets me thinking about what it would be like to live in Montana.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sometimes Your the Bug!

Sometimes in life things don't always work out the way you had anticipated. There is a country song that states " Sometimes your the windshield and sometimes your the bug" .... Well for the past few weeks I have felt like the bug!

I no longer work full-time and at first it was a shock to my system - I felt all sorts of things... panic, fear, boredom, sadness, guilt...

For almost 15 years I have worked night-shift and up until I had kids it was the perfect thing for me. However, the older I get the more I realize that sleep is something a person really does need, and working Full-time nights and being a Mommy really doesn't work too well for me. For almost 6 years I ran on very little sleep and I am sure this has had to have a negative affect on the kids and not to mention what it was doing to me. Jeff has always wanted me to be home with the kids and its not that I didn't want to stay home with them- but we were use to a certain type of lifestyle and in order for us to "play big" I needed to work. Plus, I do like my job and what I do.

For almost a month now I have been working only part-time and what that has given me can never be taken away! During the day and on my days off I am not walking around in a big fuzzy cloud because I am totally exhausted...

I had forgotten what it was like to not be tired. The biggest thing is the Time and the memories that I am building with my girls. They love having mommy around more and they love that mommy is not always grouchy and that she doesn't knock them over anymore trying to get to the coffee pot when she first wakes up.

We might have to cut back on steak and sushi nights and limit some of our Travels but right now is the time to enjoy the kids because they grow up way too fast!!! I am so blessed to have such a loving and understanding family!