Wednesday, March 10, 2010


How ironic it is that I am blogging while watching the food network! What can I say, I love food! I love to cook, I love to eat out at nice restaurants, I love to try new things and I also love a good greasy burger. Also, it was the movie Julie and Julia that gave me the idea to blog. Jeff and I watched that movie together and I was thinking that if the kids were not so young, that is something that Jeff and I would do... cook everything from Julia Child's cookbook in one year.

My new running/workout shoes that Jeff got me for Christmas still need broken in... and one of my weaknesses that I must look at every night at work... More Willpower Tammy!!!

Up until I turned 30 I could eat anything and not really worry about my weight. It was after I had my first baby. I really didn't pack on much weight during the pregnancy - it was when I got home with baby. While I was pregnant I ate really good. As soon as I got home it was pop tarts and cheese nips and coke and here is the big one.... CHOCOLATE!!! I LOVE chocolate.

With my first girl I did really good with her for the first 2 years. Most of the food we gave her was organic and there was no Mcdonalds. I wish I could say that has continued. I guess I can only say that I have gotten lazy about that and I really do want to get back to that healthy lifestyle. I guess one good thing is that we do not eat out very much. We might just go out once a week and the rest of the time we cook. Last Summer I got really serious about losing some weight and I did really good. I lost 35 pounds! I looked and felt so much better. Right now I am in a big funk with food... I have gained 7 pounds back and I am not happy about that! It is time for me to re-focus and start eating healthy again. I did not have a garden last year so I am really looking forward to getting outside and having the girls help me with that.

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