Saturday, February 27, 2010

Part 2 - Getting to Know Me

Well at the end of my senior year I had a lot of choices for college to get a full ride scholarship to play volleyball. I really wanted to go to IU but I wasn't recruited by them. I had decided to play at Kentucky University and was happy about my decision until I found out IUs coach was leaving and the coach from New Mexico State was going to take over. That coach was the first coach to send me a letter wanting me to play for him and let me tell you ~ I could not have been any happier! I got to go to IU !!! As crazy as this may sound I wanted to go to IU mainly because I was a huge Bobby Knight fan. I still am!
Going to a large college was a huge eye-opener for me in many ways. When I think about it now and think about my kids going off to college YIKES!!! I will be scared to death! I was very sheltered as a kid... I plan on being very open and honest with my kids and I want them to be able to come to me and talk about anything and everything and not have to worry about what I will say and do. I will be a friend to an extent and will honestly tell them about why they should or shouldn't do something from my own past experiences, but I WILL be the parent and I WILL demand their respect. I remember as a freshman I did not even know what a keg was... I think the only cuss word I had ever said was shit and that just really bothered some of my friends on the team. One day on the way to practice my roommate and 2 other girls on the team sat on me and tortured me until I said the "F" word..

My 4 years of college were some of the best times of my life but I also had some bad times. I had spent so much time and effort into Volleyball and it was a sport that I truly loved. Things started off ok for me at IU but I got knocked on my butt quickly when after only 2 months on campus I was in the hospital with an appendicitis. That just really messed things up for me because I was told I would be on the traveling team and then this happened. The following year I ended my Volleyball career with a knee injury during box jumping. I was completely devastated and went from being the girl who never drank never smoked to something that I am really not too proud of. Yes part of it was just "college" but for me it was done in excess and it took me along time after college to get out of that "college party girl" lifestyle. I really stayed with that life style until I met my husband Jeff and I give him the credit for helping me realize just how foolish I looked by behaving the way I was. It was time for me to grow up.
After graduating from college and working for awhile I decided to go back to school. I worked full-time at Indiana University Medical Center and went into IU's Medical Imaging program. (CT and Xray Tech)

To be continued.....

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