Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A to Z Challenge

Abigail on a Tractor at Dakin Farms

V is for Vermont
Vermont is another place that I have found that I could live. If I could not live out West, I think Vermont would be my next choice. It is Beautiful. I have a love for Red Barns and there are no shortage of barns in Vermont.

Burlington, Vermont - a college town that reminded me of Indiana University - but with a waterfront.

Stowe, Vermont - In my opinion, the prettiest part of Vermont

I had never heard of Dakin Farm until one of my friends started sending me their bacon and syrup and pancake mixes. I Love the stuff! Was so excited to actually get to visit.

Not only does Vermont have good syrup, but the Cheese is awesome too.

And don't forget Ben and Jerry's!

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