Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Stealing 4/9/11

The 5000 Question Meme, The Final Chapter

Disney World! Taking the kiddos there for the first time this Summer and I can't wait!!!

The Tiger is my favorite animal, but they tend to be lazy when I am at the zoo. I guess the Penguins. Always entertaining.

Yes. I love the entire Flower, Music, Candle , Wine thing :)

That would be a trip! I don't think that could actually happen, but... I will say if it did - I think everything would go flying off.


Now this questions has me stumped. I am thinking of all of our Freedoms and they all are so important. I think I will have to pass on this question, sorry.

Well I have been to the North Pole and it wasn't that bad! I could actually live there.

Depends, would the TV be muted? If not, I will give up music. (That would suck )

Someone who really puts themselves out there and risks their own life helping or saving another. Courage under Fire. Bravery. Our United States Military.

I guess Scooby Doo - Life would not be boring with all of that Adventure.


Cherry Dr. Pepper


My Custom Disney Theme Park Maps


Never was a Trekkie!

Hate the Roaches!


Me and eccentric really don't go together. I am a very plain kinda gal. I use to wear pink sun glasses and I have a red swatch watch, does that count?

Now this is easy, Chocolate!!!!

The Grandkids, Fox News, Cost of Health Care and Prescriptions, Movies, Sports, and did I say the Grandkids!!!

When I was a kid I kept a grass hopper for a few days in a jar. Last year we caught a few lightening bugs and put them in a jar for the girls and then released them the next night.

Hmmm - No # on this question. Answer is No.

Right now I would say Plans. I like to plan.

Energy? What is that?

AK 47, Lantern, and Large Blanket

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