Sunday, April 24, 2011

A to Z Challenge

First of all - sorry for being such a slacker this week! I almost forgot what my computer looked like! As I said earlier in the week I have been crazy busy this week! Between the new job, 2 girls starting soccer, The Easter Bunny, Dentist and Doctor appointments, and the crazy weather that we have been having - ohh and lets not forget that I am a cleaning freak, plus the laundry was out of control!!! I have not had time to even breathe!

So enough complaining... I have some blogging to do - time to catch up!

R is for Rain

Rain! I know by the end of Summer I will be talking about how bad we need rain. But right now I am sick of it! It has rained out 2 soccer practices and all of the games for Saturday. We had a really bad storm this week that knocked out our power for 18 hours. The storm caused a huge tree limb to fall in our yard which required the purchase of a new chain saw. The rain stopped only for a short time so about half the limp is removed and we only got 1 of the 3 acres mowed that we usually do. It is currently raining and I have no idea when it will stop. Flooding tends to be a big problem in Southern Indiana. Did I mention that we are trying to potty train a new puppy - not fun in the pouring rain!

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