Monday, April 25, 2011

A to Z Challenge

Happy Monday Everybody! Hope everyone had a great Easter and was able to spend some quality time with their loved ones! I had to work all day Sunday but we were able to spend all day Saturday together. I guess I am lucky that I have early risers because I had to get up really early for work and right before my alarm clock went off I heard my 3 year old screaming with excitement because the Easter Bunny had come. This was 5am! She was so excited that she could not get her pants down in time to pee in the toilet... So when I open our bedroom door and look to see what is going on I see her naked butt running down the hallway with her Easter basket in one hand and her pee soaked PJ bottoms in the other :)

U is for United States Of America

This was a no brainer! USA Baby!

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