Sunday, August 7, 2011

Back to School Blues and Stressed out Tammy

Back to School, I just think it is completely nuts for the Kids to start back so early. Aug. 9th -Really???? I think they start about 1 month too early.

Where did the Summer go? It really makes me sad. I want to keep the kids little and I want them at home. I will have one in 1st grade and my youngest will start her first year of preschool , I will shed a few tears that day.

Abigail is ready for school. She loves it! and Caroline, well she just wants to do what her Big sister does. I think Caroline really needs school. I feel like I can't teach her anything. She is not as eager to learn as Abigail. I feel for her teachers! She is a very head strong little girl! All she wants to do is watch Mickey Mouse and play Soccer - actually, what is wrong with that?? :)

Anyway, to point out the differences in my 2 girls. Here is an example. Eating Ice Cream. What kid doesn't love ice cream? Look at Abigail. Happy, Loving life. Sweet little Angle.

Now lets look at Caroline. See what I mean.

Anyway, I have been working extra hours all Summer long because shortly after school starts we are pulling the girls out of school for 2 wks. We are going to Disney World for 1 week and then Destin on the Beach for 1 wk. I do feel a little bad about Abigail missing school - but she will learn more in that 2 wks with us then she would in school and the biggest reason is that we are paying a ton of $$$ for Disney and we want to go when the park is the least crowded. We have been planning this trip since March and I am getting so excited now! It will be the girls first trip to the Magic Kingdom :)

I have found out that Life never goes on without obstacles. School starts back Tuesday, my Dad is going to have a minor surgery, Soccer practice will be starting up again, and then we are having to deal with another private matter that is weighing heavy on my heart now and all of this is going on right before our much needed vacation. I guess you could say my Stress level is maxed out and I have been losing a lot of sleep. I do believe that things happen for a reason and I just pray that everything will work out for the best.


Ixy said...

Holy cow! The kids here in Canada don't go back until September 6! What time does your school year end?

Making kids sit in school in August seems like cruel and unusual punishment, I have to agree.

Tammy said...

They go until the very end of May. It is terrible!