Friday, February 4, 2011

Oprah has her list so why can't I have mine -

From time to time I will list some products that I feel are worth the $$$

There is nothing worse than paying $$$ for something and it ends up being used just once because it did not do what is was suppose to do, or it was just not what you were really wanted. I have tons of lip sticks, mascara, hair products, cleaners, kitchen gadgets, etc., that were a huge waste of $$$ ~

Products that Tammy Loves ~
( I am not making one cent for endorsing these products)

Tide with Bleach- I do laundry every other day. I do a lot of laundry! It gets expensive so I thought I would try other brands. You can tell a BIG difference when you try to use the cheap stuff! Your clothes come out looking dingy and they even have a rough feeling. I did like Gain for the smell but In my opinion Tide is hands down the winner.

Oxi-clean - My mom use to swear by this stuff. I never tried it until she gave me a bucket and now I am sold. You can put 1 or 2 scoops in a bucket with clothes that have stains or with dirty socks and in about 2 or 3 hours everything looks new again. It also works great on carpet stains.
FeBreze - Love to spray this stuff on my sheets and curtains, and even my car - makes the room smell nice and fresh.

Yankee Candle - Ginger Bread or Mulled Cider - smells so good!

Vaseline Sheer Infusion Lotion - Leaves your hands feeling "baby soft" Try it, you will love it!

Green Mountain Breakfast Blend Coffee - The best I have found. It is the best way for me to start my day.

Our Toaster Oven - I had never had one until last year but now I couldn't do without it. I use it more than my oven or microwave. Left-overs taste so much better and you can do everything in it that your large oven does. Bonus - you don't heat your kitchen up in the summer.

Drier Sheets - I love these not just because they make your clothes smell good but try using them to clean your bathtub or shower. I know it sounds crazy but it really works great! Use them first with your clothes in the dryer and then wipe your shower doors and walls down, best thing I have found to fight the soap scum.

Wind Shield Washer Fluid - Not for the car but for washing windows and mirrors. It is cheap and works so much better than Windex!

Vinegar - Put a bowl in your kitchen with some vinegar to get rid of the fish smell after cooking, great for cleaning the coffee pot, add a few Tablespoons to your boiling eggs to prevent them from cracking and making them easier to peel.

I guess you can tell that I was on a cleaning mood - I do love a clean house! Now I bet Oprah has never used any of these products :)

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