Thursday, May 6, 2010


Well right now I am officially on vacation. No big plans this time.. get a few things done around the farm, do a little camping and have some fun with the girls. After working all night I really wanted to come home and sleep for a few hours but it was so nice outside that when I picked up Abby from school I decided to take the girls on a little picnic. I had hoped to post a few pictures but when I turned my camera on it "crashed" ... I will assume that "somebody" dropped it and has not told me yet. Not good... and at the start of a vacation! Isn't that the way it always goes.
~ Camping ~
One of my favorite things to do! Before Kids!!! I am sure things will be a little different when the girls get just a little older, but right now the words camping and vacation should not be used together. Here is my typical Camping Day with the kiddos...

I wake up at 6am because I have to pee (very badly) I don't dare get out of bed in fear of waking the little ones. They are both early risers and I want to wait as long as possible before I go into "mommy mode".

Fix Coffee!
Fix breakfast (my favorite meal of the day when camping) Why does eggs and bacon always taste better when you camp???
Clean up dishes, pots and pans, table...
Get girls dressed
Send girls outside with Jeff
Make the beds, tidy up camper
Get myself dressed
Sit down in chair with book (love to read when camping)
Watch the girls every 10 seconds...
Go on hike
Use about 20 wipes to clean off girls
Fix lunch
Clean up (usually isn't too bad at lunch)
Sit down in chair with book (still on page #1)
Girls holler for a drink
Sit down in chair with book (still on page #1)
Girls holler for a snack
Use about 10 wipes to clean them off again
Sit down in chair again with book (still on page #1)
Watch Jeff start fire
Jeff wants to know where something is ... I tell him exactly where to find it.... he still can't find it.... he tells me not to worry about it and to relax and enjoy my book...
I get up and get whatever Jeff was looking for.
Play more with the girls
Fix dinner
Clean up dishes, pots and pans, table...
Sit around fire.. eat smores
Take girls to shower house (this is always a challenge!)
Put girls to bed with a movie
Jeff and I sit by fire and talk
Pop open a bud light-drink
Girls holler for a drink
Pop open a second bud light-drink only half
Go inside camper up to bed with book (still on page #1)
Jeff says lets watch a movie.. made it to page #3 =)

Well that is pretty much the routine unless we are camping and site seeing too.
There is a pretty big chance of rain next week so we may be changing our plans a little. Nothing worse than camping and being stuck inside on a rainy day with not a lot to do. I will just leave it up to Jeff, he is really good about coming up with fun things to do.. You just never know what you will be doing =)

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