Monday, May 17, 2010

"Neat Freak-itis" ???

Well Jeff and I took a week off from work to hang out with the kiddos. Our initial plans were to go camping... we checked out the forecast and decided to cancel the camping and to just hang out around the house and run around with the girls all week. We had a lot of fun! It was my birthday week and there was also Mother's Day~ so just having the time to be together as a family and devoting our time to the girls made it special.

My little one sitting in a garden looking cute, and...

My goofy oldest showing me how much she likes the park.

I am a very organized and task oriented person when I am at home. It is like I have this internal time schedule/to do list.. and if I get off schedule it just really puts me in a funk. I am trying very hard to change this but it is not easy for me. This past week I just let things go ~ I didn't worry about yard work, I didn't panic if there was a dirty dish in the sink or cookie crumbs on the floor... We stayed up late and we ate junk food and we got dirty and sticky and we had FUN!

I doubt if there will ever be a total cure for my "neat freak-itis" but this past week has made me realize just how short life is and sometimes Momma just needs to Chill and let things go.

All that being said now it's time to go back to work - I will sure miss all the extra time I had with the girls!!! We will try the camping again next month.

Note to self
~ No Junk food !!! , that means No Chips (you don't need the salt !!!!) No ice cream, No fried foods,NO real coke, and moderate chocolate intake!!!! also... FIX your Hair!!!! omg!!! You are looking like Bonnie Raitt!!! Yikes!!!

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