Sunday, October 3, 2010

God Bless the Teachers

The other day I was riding in a school bus with about 20 kindergarten kids, 2 teachers, and 8 chaperones. It was the first field trip of the year and we were going to an apple orchard and pumpkin patch. All in all it was a fun trip but on the bus ride home I could not stop thinking about stuff....

I need an aspirin, My head is killing me!
Our teachers are way under-paid!
Why is Everything sticky?
Being a bus driver would suck!
My mom and dad were saints.
Wish we could have toured the winery too.
Lunch time is not fun with so many needy kids!
I wish I had a dollar for every shoe I tied today.
Did I have this much energy as a kid?
The Octomom is a nut!!!
Kate plus 8 is a nut!!!
I Hate noise!!!!!!!!

The bus ride home seemed to take forever! It wasn't until I over heard 2 boys fighting over who had the biggest pumpkin and then watching as several apples rolled down the aisle that I smiled because I almost decided along time ago to become and teacher... There has to be a place in Heaven for all of the really good teachers out there! God Bless you all!!!

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