Saturday, October 23, 2010

Things I LOVE (A-Z)


A - Abigail
B - Babies.. I just love them! Their tiny hands and feet and even their smell

C - Caroline
D - Donkeys - We have 3 mini-donkeys and I love them!

E - Eating out at nice restaurants
F - Fried Chicken - When its done right there is nothing that tastes better.
G - Games (board) - Scrabble, monopoly, Trivial Pursuit...
H - Hiking - one of my favorite things to do.
I - Irish stuff. Anything involving Ireland..
J - Jeff
K - Kids (mine) The sound of them playing outside together.
L - Laying out on the beach with music (Buffet) and drinks (Corona)

M - Mountains
N - New Nike shoes and socks.
O - Ocean
P - parents (Mine) They are the most loving and giving people I know.
Q - Queen (Dairy Queen that is ) Peanut Buster Parfait
R - Rocky Mountains
S - Snicker bars (They are my worst enemy, but I love them!)
T - Tootsies bar in Nashville, TN - Jeff and I always have the best time there.

U - University of Indiana (IU) Campus
V - Vacations
W - Wings (BW3)

X - Xrays - They help give me a paycheck every week.
Y - Youth - Why did I ever wish to be older ???
Z - Zoo (Taking the kids)

Keeping along with the subject of things I love... Our family does not eat out very much. We try and fix the girls healthy meals and like to stay away from the fast food. However, sometimes it is good to let a kid be a kid and yesterday I got the girls Happy Meals. If you have not been to Mcdonalds in awhile they have changed their Happy Meals to always include the apples and much smaller portions of fries. They are so cute!!! I have to admit I was surprised at how many fries made up 100 calories.... Not many!

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