Saturday, September 18, 2010

Corn Dogs, Cotton Candy and Crap

This weekend in Salem is our towns Big annual Old Settlers Days. Every year we seem to miss it because of vacation or work and this year is no exception... I have to Work.

Friday night they have what is called -Friday Night on the Square, Jeff had to work but I decided to take the girls myself.

What was I thinking???

First of all I was tired! I had just worked 10 hours and I had to get up very early the next morning to work a 12 hour shift. But, I wanted the girls to have a good time on a Friday night... plus I heard that the Lion's Club fish sandwich was pretty good ;)

While we were there I ran into several friends that I had not seen in awhile which was great talking to all of them ! The girls wanted their faces painted so thats how we started out. After that we just started to walk and then some lady came up to us and asked the girls if they wanted to go on a scavenger hunt and if they did they would win a prize (CRAP!) We did lap after lap around the town square searching for the things they needed ... My purse had all kinds of "crap" hanging out of it that the girls had collected along the way and when we had finished each girl got a 50 cent water bottle. I swear I would have paid $50 to have just bypassed all of the "hunt" But, the girls had fun and that is what is important, right??? Now momma wanted a fish sandwich. Both girls were hungry and the Fish line was way too long so we ended up standing in line for 30 minutes for corn dogs and cotton candy.

At this point I could not have been more miserable... I was pushing one of those cheap baby strollers where one wheel would not roll right, my purse was packed to the limit and I was trying to push the stroller with one arm and carry a drink, corn dog, and cotton candy in the other and then the girls balloons were hitting me in the face so I couldn't see and then all of a sudden I roll-over a corn dog with only 1 bite missing. Then I hear Caroline start crying... You guessed it! I gave her the rest of mine and some cotton candy and she was Happy again. Momma, on the other hand was not too happy... I was sticky, tired, and still had to try to make it 4 blocks to the car and then get them home and get the paint off their faces. UGH! They both loved all of their "crap" so I guess thats a good thing.

2 very happy - face-painted-sticky girls!

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