Monday, April 12, 2010

T-bones and Rib Eyes ???

What a Great weekend! The weather was perfect, we got some things done around the house, and we also had time to play.

Jeff came home the other day
with something for me to think about-

When we first moved to Southern Indiana neither Jeff or I had a clue on how to take care of farm animals. When we bought our place we inherited chickens
and goats and then we added the donkeys. I have always wanted to have land where you could plant a garden, flowers, trees, ... and I love the fact that we can have farm animals. I become really attached to animals, even chickens! I actually named all 16 chickens! There was this one chicken that we liked a little more than the others - we called him Hitler because he did not walk around like the other chickens.. he had a German march and he high stepped. For reasons unknown, he got sick. Now at this time our house was a big mess because we were in the middle of remodeling.. we didn't have the carpet and the walls were not painted... I tell you this because I felt bad for Hitler and wanted him to get better so I brought him in the house and fixed him a spot in a box in the bathroom with a heat lamp. The next day he seemed better so I took him back out to the barn with the rest of the chickens and he died the next night. I was heart broken!

Another bad experience came when our female donkey gave birth for the first time. First of all we had no clue she was pregnant and then she rejected th
e baby. We had a vet come out and he wasn't much help and the next day things got worse.. I picked up the baby donkey and raced with it on my lap to another vet and they started an IV and did a few things and when I brought her home she slept in a Rubber made box on my kitchen floor until she passed away. I cried all night, then wrapped her in my IU blanket and we buried her in the back pasture. We lost one more baby donkey a few years ago and because of all of these experiences I think I have really toughened up a lot when it comes to farm animal death.

Why am I blogging about something so sad and morbid??? You can thank my husband Jeff. He comes home last
week and tells me that he can get a good deal on 2 cows and 2 horses. Now he knows how excited I will get when it comes to animals, I have been wanting to put either a cow or horse out in the field with the donkeys for some time now. I am all excited and then he hits me with the news.. "we can name one Rib Eye and the other T-bone" I am not too sure how I feel about this.... It took all I had inside of me to cook some of the meat that we got from having someone else's cow butchered. I was first going to try it in spaghetti sauce and I was ready to use it and I literally opened the package and then I ran from it - not sure why, it was like I was afraid of it! Anyway, I worked out my fear of "real" cow meat and I am very glad I did because it really is better and you can tell a big difference. Now the question is can I help raise a cow and then send it off and then put it in my freezer to eat??? I don't know... I am a girl who cries at every Disney movie that involves an animal... just last week I cried at the end of the movie Bolt. I will let you know what happens....

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