Friday, April 9, 2010

Practice what You Preach

The past 2 weeks I have been able to spend extra time with the older generation. I really enjoy this time because if you listen you will learn. However, this time I discovered something that I want to change Immediately! I remember as a kid sitting around and listening to the grandparents and friends of the grandparents talk about all of their ailments, all of their aches and pains and thinking to myself... good grief... give me a break .... will you people just stop already!! Here I am 41 and I found myself complaining about my aching back and my bum knee and the arthritis in my hands! It must Stop.

I have done pretty good at dropping some weight but I have done it without the exercise and I really have not been eating that good. I feed the girls good but I tend to sneak too much junk in my own diet and I am a major slacker when it comes to exercise. I am NOT lazy at all... I never sit around when I am at home, I am constantly working, cleaning, doing laundry, mowing grass, weed eating, playing with the girls, etc,... I need to take the time and dedicate it to ME. I need to rejuvenate and get myself back into shape so that I can be a better Me. I am always talking about my "glory days" with sports and yet I bet I could not run a mile with out collapsing to my death. Practice what You preach Tammy!

I plan on doing this by going Organic and really looking at what we as a family are putting into our bodies. Jeff has got us going in the right direction, we had a cow butchered so we know that our meat is good and I plan on havin
g my large garden back again this year. Will we still eat at Mcdonalds?? Yes, but it will be on "special" and rare occasions. I am not going to be "over the top" with this but I am going to make a big difference in this families overall health. Wish me luck!

The Elliptical that sits in our garage is used more by Abby. On a funny note... I took this picture last week... I was just finishing up mowing the front yard and the girls had been playing and got really dirty. I told them to take their shoes off and wait for me by the door. I put the tractor up and walk into the garage to find this.... =)

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