Thursday, April 15, 2010

Todays Ramblings

This has really been a big week for Abigail. She finally got her outside play set that she has been wanting and she has also decided that when she grows up she wants to be a paleontologist. Right now her 2 favorite things are the Disney Princesses and Dinosaurs. Last year we took her to the Children's Museum and since then her little 5 year old mind has been preoccupied with the T-Rex and all of his prehistoric friends. If the show Jeopardy had the dinosaur category she would not lose.

Last week was not a good week for me at all! No good reason, I am not really sure why... I was just so tired! This week has been good! Good work week for me and my energy level has been way up. Maybe I can contribute that to eating better.

Today I had a pretty long "To Do" list and I hate to say it but nothing was checked off. It was all yard work that needed to be done but .... We have had this bush in the back yard that I have hated since the day we moved here. One year Jeff took a chainsaw to it and it grew back, we have poured root killer on it and have tried to dig part of it up with no luck. It is the bush from Hell !!! It stands about 12ft high and there are several other small trees and "things" that are growing in the middle of it. You can't mow or even walk near it without it grabbing you and drawing blood. Today I walked out there and gave it my evil eye look, like I always do... however, today was the day that I had enough!!! I poured some lighter fluid on it and set it on fire. Before lighting it up I trimmed some branches and I hate to say it but I do believe the bush won again... My arms look like I was attacked by about 20 cats and I bet I spent about 5 hours on that stupid bush and didn't accomplish anything, You just can't kill it!!!

Another random thought.. We are only a few weeks into this nice spring weather where the kids play outside most of the day. I swear at the end of the day when it is time to go inside I would pay someone $100 to clean them up. How can they get that dirty??? I was trying to tackle the bush and Abby comes to me and says.. " Caroline just pooped up in the fort" I go over there and climb up only to find a big turd sitting on the floor. Will there ever be an end to the poop stories?

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