Friday, February 26, 2010

Hello, my name is Tammy

My name is Tammy and I am a 41 year old mother of 2 young kids. (5 and 2) It seems like ever since I was 20 I wanted a family and now that I have one I can honestly say its not as easy as it looks. Maybe because I am getting older??? Maybe not. I do know that I Love my family more than life and nothing has brought me more joy than being a wife and mother.
I just watched the movie Julie and Julia and got the idea of blogging because I do like to write. I am not a great writer or anything but I like to put my thoughts of the moment on paper.
A very short version of my life goes as follows -

I was adopted at the age of 8wks. I could not have asked for any better parents! They just celebrated their 53rd wedding anniversary and they are just the best. Grew up in Speedway, Indiana just a few blocks from the world famous Indy 500. My parents tried several times to adopt again but it just didn't work out. I always wanted a brother or sister! My next door neighbors growing up were the Dewitts- Joyce was "Janet" on Threes Company. I think that is pretty cool =) I was very involved in sports growing up... played volleyball, basketball, and track in high school. I was very much volleyball oriented so my closest friends were from the USVBA team that I played on. My parents spent so much time and money during my junior and senior years going to games and tournaments and even practices. There were times when I had school and then we would leave the house at 5pm for practice and not get back home until close to midnight because we might have to drive 1 or 2 hours for practice. Now that I have my girls I wonder ... could I do the same thing for them???

- to be continued

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