Sunday, July 10, 2011

Panzer Update

Well, I can't believe how quickly this Summer is flying by! Only 4 weeks until school starts back, that is just nuts if you ask me! My oldest starts 1st grade and my youngest will start her first year of Pre-school, I will be sad!

We have had fun, but we really have not done a whole lot of things like we usually do because we are saving our money for a big family trip. 16 days! 1 week in Disney and the rest in a Condo in Destin :) I can't wait !!! I have been working a ton of extra hours so that it is all payed for before we go. I think you have so much more fun if you don't charge anything while on vacation. Anyway, our new puppy Panzer has been keeping the kids entertained while I have been working. He has been the perfect addition to our family! Such a good Dog!

He is getting so Big

The girls love him!

Panzer Loves them, and he Loves to Protect them.


Crystal said...

He is so cute. I am so thankful God gave us dogs to love and be loved by.

Rob-bear said...

He's a delightful-looking dog, and obviously likes the girls very much. They'll grow up together.
And happy holidays!