Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday 5/18/11

Happy Hump Day Ya'll

3 more days until the Weekend!!!!

It seems like the weeks just keep getting busier. I am really looking forward to this weekend because it will be the first one in a long time that I don't have to work either a Saturday or a Sunday. All we plan on doing is working outside and in the barn. The barn looks like it has been hit by a tornado and we have neglected the weed eating because of our busy schedule. We will still have Soccer on Saturday morning but after that there is a ton of work to do. (I actually enjoy working hard on the farm)

Last night we had a Soccer game and Soccer pictures. Also, we registered our youngest for her first year in Preschool. I know I am not ready for that!!! I am sure I will shed a few tears that day.

Wordless Wednesday

My 6 year olds legs - no need to call child protective services! She is just like me as a kid- clumsy!


Mrs. Tuna said...

My sister adopted kids from Korean Asian children often have skin tones on their backs that look like the most horrible bruises until they are 5 or 6. When her son started school she had to have the doctor put a note on file so the school nurse would stop calling CPS.

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Debbie said...

Ouchy! Thanks for the follow. Following you back. Enjoy the weekend!
Debbie from