Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ice Cream and Soup

Part 1

As my fat a$$ sits in bed watching American Idol and eating Blue Bell Vanilla Ice Cream I am wondering if my desire to get back into healthy eating and exercise is ever gonna kick in ~??? I can do so good for weeks on end and then it just all falls apart for no good reason...

Usually Ice Cream is not a weakness of mine. If I could pin point it I would say chocolate and fried chicken (Paula Dean Food) always seem to get me into trouble.

To make things worse, I have recently re-kindled my Love for cooking and have been doing a lot of it lately with pretty good results. The key for me is to cook with LOVE. (I know that sounds kinda gay) - but it is true! I use to try and do too many things while cooking (dishes, laundry, house keeping...) By just focusing on the food all of a sudden this girl can cook. However, I really need to find a good cookbook with low fat recipes and get this "Life Style Change" started. I will do that as soon as Jeff and I use our BW3 gift card ;-)

Part 2

Well my Fat a$$ is back in bed watching the second night of American Idol. Only this time time I used my spoon for something healthy ~ I was reading some of my favorite blogs this morning and came across this recipe at Chicken Tortilla Soup - It is so Delicious and very Easy! If you love to cook or read blogs - check out her website - she has done a Great job with recipes which include a ton of pictures which I love.

Well it is back to watching American Idol and missing Simon. I like the new judges, but it is not the same without Mr. Cowell.


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