Sunday, January 9, 2011

Growing Old!

I will say it again and again... getting old is a Bitch!

This week it really hit me just how quickly we age and how time just flies by.

I have been having some problems with my vision lately... so I went to the eye doctor and one of the things that came out of her mouth was "age-related", immediately that put me in a mood. I remember back in 2007 when my OB doctor said I needed to have some tests done because of my age and then 2 years ago I had to start having mammograms. Lets not even mention the arthritis that prevents me from jumping out of bed in the morning!

Now since I have embraced motherhood some things have changed, I will be the first to admit that I have let myself go. I have lost the 3 F's! I am no longer Fit, Fashionable, or Fabulous. I have not lost the baby weight (yet) and my fashion tends to be Walmart generated. Maybe on a given day one could call me fabulous. ;)

Now up until I turned 40 I would always get carded for alcohol and I would get the occasional cat calls and looks from the opposite sex. I remember getting home from work several years ago and telling Jeff about this patient I had who was in his 20's who called me a MILF. I had no idea what that meant and when I found out I acted like it was just the worst thing ever but deep down I was like... -cool -

Well... I guess you could say that I was feeling sorta down in the dumps this week about getting older and needing glasses... blah blah blah... Jeff and I were at the Walmart and we went our separate ways in the store. I had Caroline with me and some old guy came up to me and wanted to give me money to buy my daughter some nice toys. He was hard to get away from and I felt sorry for him. I thought he was just a "nice old Vet who was a little confused". I walked away and saw Jeff who pointed out the old guys hat - FBI (female body inspector) Nice.

The next day I ran to the dump to get rid of some junk. I am throwing some stuff down into the land fill when this younger guy comes up to me and asked me this - "Hey Sweetheart, Do you Gots yourself a Man?" I got back in my car and instead of crying I just started laughing... My days have come and gone and now it is my job to protect my girls from the FBI and creepy junkyard men. I am getting older but I refuse to go down without a good fight.

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