Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round...

This has been a very Busy week filled with much anxiety on my part. Abigail started Kindergarten this week! Last year if you would have asked me I would have told you that I was ready for her to go to school... but now I wish I could keep her home with me!

Monday night was a welcome night at the school where you get to see the classroom and meet the teacher. I really liked the teacher, she seemed very nice and very professional, which I really liked. She handed out a notebook that went over a lot of the things they would be doing and all of a sudden it hit me that Abigail was growing up whether I liked it or not... tears filled my eyes! It was overwhelming to say the very least !

Her first day of school we took her to her classroom. She loved it and was very excited. When I picked her up the teacher said she did great so that always makes you feel good. I really wanted to take and pick up Abby from school but she was really wanting to ride the bus. After picking her up and having to deal with all of the traffic and chaos I decided to let her try out the bus. OMG ~ I would have died if my mother would have done this > I followed the bus to school. The bus goes through the country and I just wanted to see the route and to make sure she knew how to get to her classroom from the bus. I am just glad the police didn't come for me! :) Anyway, I am glad I did that because Abby was the last one off the bus and when she got off she looked so lost. I went up behind her and said "Abby - would you like me to walk you to your class?" She
was so Happy!

Today is day 3 of school and I am doing a little better with it. Things didn't start out too smooth this morning... while we were waiting for the bus somehow Abby tripped and fell on her butt and it looked as if she had pooped her pants... I did not have time to run and change her because the bus was coming down the road ... *#$! happens !

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