Thursday, August 26, 2010

Size 2 Jeans !?!

God bless all of the Mothers out there who can put on their happy mommy face and smile and (pretend??) that being responsible for their family and taking care of day to day business is easy and fun. I try not to cuss, but ... Bullshit!!!! I know I am not the only one out there that feels this way. It is not easy and the work definitely out weighs the fun. Why are there so many moms out there that can prance around town holding their kids hands - hair fixed just perfect, lipstick on and not smeared, make-up and clothes just right, - and the biggest thing... they have a huge smile on their face !!! How is this possible???

When I first became pregnant I read so many books, What to Expect When You are Expecting, The Toddler Years.. What to Expect ... I must have skipped over the Books titled - Expect Complete Exhaustion or If You are 40- Lordy Lordy! and Having 2 Girls? Expect it ALL!

I thought that by waiting until I was almost 40 to have a family would be the best thing for me. I wanted to get all of the "foolishness" out of me and wanted to make sure I was READY to take on such a big responsibility. I never in a million years thought it would be so hard and so "all-consuming" (is that even a word?)

Anyway, I just really have a tremendous amount of respect for all of those mothers who can keep it all together and take good care of their families and put their children first and keep that smile on their face :) I know I am a good mom! And I have that smile on my face about 90% of the time... But there are days when we all go out and I have got the girls looking really cute and Jeff is looking good and he will load the girls in the car and we are pressed for time and I am rushing around trying not to forget anything - my arms are full of "kid stuff", my purse is dangling around my neck, I am also carrying my shoes to put on in the car , things are falling out of my hands as I try to get into the car - we get to where we are going and I look a mess and then the first thing I see is a young mother dressed in size 2 jeans with high heels on looking very nice with 2 or 3 kids... and she is smiling! Enough Said!

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