Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It Happens Again

If you read my last post you know that I was in a "mood" for a few days because of missing the Indy 500. I seem to be a happy camper again.

The past few weeks I have been having several of my friends going to High School graduations to celebrate their child's own graduation. What is so crazy to me is that I remember these kids when they were barely walking and now they are grads! Doesn't seem possible. Out of all of my friends I am the oldest Mommy. I am 42 with a 2 year old and 5 year old and I just made a Doctors appt. today because I think I am starting to get arthritis in some of my joints! I seriously need to start searching for that fountain of youth!!!

I know that a few months ago I dedicated an entire posting to Poop. I thought, or I was hoping that subject would never come up again. Guess again!!! Yesterday I was running a little late for work because I was outside all d
ay with the girls playing. I get inside and fix them a bubble bath and get them in the tub - I ask Jeff to keep an ear on them so that no one drowns because I needed to get in and out of the shower fairly quickly - Well - I was in the shower maybe 2 minutes and here come my 2 little girls standing in front of my shower wearing only the bubbles - the oldest yells out that her sister pooped in the tub and that it was very gross! Jeff doesn't do poop or vomit very well... I cleaned up the mess and headed to work....

Early this morning...... I get home from work and I am taking care of the dog who stays downstairs... my oldest comes down to see me because she wants to show me something... we go to the laundry room and she shows me what
use to be her little purple panties... keep in mind that she is telling me this like it is the biggest accomplishment she has achieved in her 5 year life... " Mommy, I thought I had to fart but instead poop flew out my butt" " It was the biggest mess ever" After working a 14 hour shift I had no clue what to say, I gave her a hug, put the "purple panties" in the trash, sprayed the febreeze, and gave her another big mommy hug.

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