Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Time

Well December is here and the Not so Perfect Momma has just about had it! Christmas time has always been a huge deal to me, If you remember Christmas Vacation I guess you could say that I am a lot like Clark. I always get these Bigger than life ideas and when they don't quiet pan out I get somewhat bummed.

I tell myself every year that I am not going to "over-do" the Christmas decorations, but once again I did. 10 years ago it would have taken me 1 day to get the job done - this year it was a 3 day ordeal! Remind me to ask Santa for some Icy Hot for my arthritis and a new heating pad for my aching back!

Jeff thinks I am nuts because we have 3 trees, (I tend to agree with him) We have one downstairs (real tree with the hallmark ornaments) and 2 upstairs, (the artificial tree that my parents gave me that we have had since I was 2 (sentimental) and then a smaller tree that I call the "vacation tree" - we only put the ornaments we get from vacations on this tree.

The house is all decorated and things look pretty good but things just haven't been working out like the vision in my head .... Jeff had to work so I decided to take the girls to get our real tree. I wanted to go someplace different so off we went. I got lost and could not find the place I wanted to go but eventually we ran into a tree farm. I said to Abby, we can get a tree that is already cut or we can go find one and cut it. Abby says lets go cut one Momma! Off we go on a 1 mile hike to find that perfect tree, hiking through the mud and cold with Abby and her 3 year old sister, As soon as I find that perfect tree Abby says, "Momma, I'm cold, lets just get one that's already cut! :(

Another problem this year is what to buy the girls for Christmas. I have asked Abby (6yrs old) what she wants and she has said on numerous occasions that she wants a Big T-Rex that will roar in her face and a computer with a high screen resolution. Yes, she actually knows what that is! Caroline is easy... Mickey Mouse and Dora and Diego make her happy. I hate the thought of getting legos, the Toy Story one has 620 pieces!!!!!! I might try and get some of that moon dough, it has to be better than play dough or moon sand! I have gone several places to get Caroline the Weeble Wobble tree house and they are sold out - I have never had this much trouble trying to spend my money!!!

Now the one thing that I have been really excited about is taking the girls to the Polar Express Train Ride. I also got tickets for my mom and dad thinking they would really love it too. Now - I paid big $$$ for these tickets only to find out that they (Mom) don't want to go. I offered to pick them up because they stress over snow and ice.. but No... Do you think my mom would mind too much if I just strapped her to the roof of my SUV like I did the tree??? ;) Just kidding!

Well it is the day after Christmas. (I started this post several weeks ago and am now just finishing up) Christmas was very Good! I Love spending time with the Family! Now I am glad it is over and I will be even more excited when all of the decorations are put up. I am also excited because after spending at least 6 hours trying to put together a doll house with a zillion screws and bolts I can say that this was the last year that Santa is bringing anything that requires major assembly on my part.

I say that Christmas was good and it was... but it has also been a sad 2 days for me. I lost a friend in a car wreck Christmas Eve night and this has just weighed heavy on my heart. I had only known her for 12 years but she left me with some great memories. We use to work night-shift together and shared so many laughs, she hosted my first baby shower, and was just a really special lady that will be missed dearly.

Blogger would not let me load anymore pictures so when I get this issue figured out I will add the pictures. Sorry. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Thanks for reading :)

Abby did get her Dino and Caroline seemed Happy with her stuff too :)

It would not be right not to share Christmas with the Griswolds :)

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